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Baked potatoes «Tartiflett»

  Ingredients: Olive oil — 50 ml Crushed onion — 1 pc. Bacon, cut into thin strips — 100 g Dry white wine — 125 ml Potatoes, cut into cubes — 6 pcs.

Potato sticks. Delicious, crunchy…

  Delicious, crunchy, salty … lovers crunched from such can not refuse! Verified! :))) You will need: 250 g of wheat flour 250 g of potatoes welded in a uniform 250 g butter (the amount of oil can be slightly reduced by a gram of 50-75) Salt and cumin for strewing


  Potatoes (500-700 g) RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice, add the egg, 3 tbsp. flour add salt and mix until smooth. Bake the potato pulp pancakes-draniki. Filling Onion chopped, mushrooms chopped, I took the mushrooms out of the jar, fresh.

Baked potatoes Estonian

  About the culinary benefits of potatoes you know, perhaps, everything. It is delicious, nutritious, well absorbed, it can be boiled, fried, stewed, baked, eaten plain or with other foods, creating a variety of combinations. Potatoes are called «second bread», and people with different culinary tastes use it in food around the globe. Even if […]

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