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Potato Patties “Grandma.”

  These patties cooked my grandmother, then my mother – this is our favorite and most delicious Sunday lunch. Of course correct to call the dish “cakes with potatoes” on in our family have always said “potato pies!”

Potato gnocchi

    INGREDIENTS: ● Potatoes – 1 kg. ● Wheat flour type “00” – 300 gr. ● Egg – 1 pc. ● Salt – to taste PREPARATION: First and foremost, wash and boil the potatoes in their skins until tender, hot potato peel and grate. Add 300 grams. flour, salt and the egg.

POTATO Zrazy with liver FILLING

    Ingredients for zrazy: – Potatoes; – Egg; – 2 tablespoons flour; – Salt. For liver stuffing: – Liver beef; – Onion;


  Ingredients: medium-sized potatoes – 8-10 pieces. Strips of bacon (ready-cut) – 16-20 pcs. For the sauce: Butter – 2 cups Flour – 1 tbsp. l. Bouillon – 1/4 l

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