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Cutlets from potato, cheese and dill with mushrooms

Ingredients: Mashed potato — 300-400 g Butter — 20-30 g Cheese 150-200 g Egg — 1 pc. Dill chopped — 2-3 table. spoons Sour Cream Table 3. spoons Flour Mushrooms — 100-200 g Preparation: I take the marinated mushrooms, taste more pikkantny them. But we can take a fresh, fry them with onions.

Boats of puff pastry

  These pumps — complete with meat dish, a side dish of potato snack of pickles, and even bread, which is perfect for dinner! Ingredients: -test Puff without yeast — 500 g (2 layers 250 g) -File Pork — 300 g -Luk Big — 1 pc. -Kartofel — 3-4 pieces. -Slivochnoe Oil — 100 g

Potatoes in Italian

  Ingredients: Italian herbs (herbs set) 1 tbsp. l. Potatoes (large) 6-7 pcs. butter 4 tbsp. l. unrefined olive oil 4 tbsp. l. parsley (chopped) 1/4 cup salt and pepper to taste romano cheese 150g Preparation: Baked with cheese and herbs potatoes well with mushrooms, chicken or tomatoes. But even on its own potatoes with […]

POTATOES «free» from the oven

  Ingredients: 5-7 pcs medium sized potatoes 2 egg whites paprika Salt to taste, Preparation: 1. Many of us like potato «fries», but everyone knows that it is not good for health.

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