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Dumplings made from potatoes

  Boiled potatoes, 500 g Egg-2 pcs Cheese 100 g 2-3 tbsp starch- Salt Potato mash with (I had finished mashed potatoes) .Smeshat with egg, syrom.Posolit krahmal.Horosho mix .Add With the help of a teaspoon to form small balls and fry them in deep fat

Potato patties

  This is a very good and easy way to diversify your desk, if you prefer other types of potato side dishes. I think that’s such a simple homemade recipes — the best solution for those who want to cook something tasty to 100%, but it is not repeated too. Ingredients: Potatoes 1000g Food salt […]

Potatoes, baked in garlic butter

  Ingredients 5 potatoes: — Butter — 100 g — Garlic — 4 zubochka — Parsley — 3 tbsp. l. — Sour cream — 1 tbsp. l. — Cheese durum — Article 5. l.

Chicken baked with potatoes

  Ingredients: — 1 small chicken — 4-5 large potatoes — 2 + 2 cloves garlic — A few sprigs of dill — A small piece of butter — 1 tbsp. mustard spoon — 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil — 0.5 teaspoon salt. — Ground black pepper and seasoning to taste

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