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Meat rolls with potatoes in cream

  Ingredients: — 500 gr of meat — 2 eggs — 3 tbsp. Tablespoons cream — 200 g cream (for filling) — 2 cloves garlic — dill — salt

Baked potatoes «Tartiflett»

  Ingredients: Olive oil — 50 ml Crushed onion — 1 pc. Bacon, cut into thin strips — 100 g Dry white wine — 125 ml Potatoes, cut into cubes — 6 pcs.

Potato sticks. Delicious, crunchy…

  Delicious, crunchy, salty … lovers crunched from such can not refuse! Verified! :))) You will need: 250 g of wheat flour 250 g of potatoes welded in a uniform 250 g butter (the amount of oil can be slightly reduced by a gram of 50-75) Salt and cumin for strewing


  Potatoes (500-700 g) RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice, add the egg, 3 tbsp. flour add salt and mix until smooth. Bake the potato pulp pancakes-draniki. Filling Onion chopped, mushrooms chopped, I took the mushrooms out of the jar, fresh.

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