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Potatoes baked with mushrooms and tomatoes

  Ingredients: Potatoes -1kg. Hot pepper — to taste -2st.l. Olive oil Mushrooms -300g.


  Ingredients: -Kurinoe Fillets — 400 g -means Potatoes — 8 pcs. -Shampinony — 12 pcs. -Large Onion — 1 pc. -Slivki — 300 g

A low-calorie mushroom caviar sandwiches for the right

  Ingredients: Mushrooms 0.5 kg (boiled) Onion 1 pc. Carrot 1 pc.

Stir frying pork with mushrooms

INGREDIENTS: Table measures300 g pork 50 ml of soy sauce 5-6 champignons 2 carrots 1 head of onions

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