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Salad "Mushroom glade"

Salad Mushroom Glade — is a delicious and festive salad for the holiday. Salad looks so impressive, that your guests will be only one way out — to be happy 🙂 Cooking Description: Salad «Mushroom Meadow» — one of the most spectacular and original salads that I’ve ever seen. No, of course, in terms of […]

Mushrooms stuffed with ground meat

Mushrooms stuffed with ground meat — appetizer, which will be a great decoration for any holiday table. And believe me, in the late evening dish is sure to be empty, and the guests are happy. Cooking Description: Yes, preparing a festive table — is an art, and the guests in our time is quite difficult […]

Linguine with mushrooms, zucchini and broccoli in a creamy sauce

Ingredients: Linguine — 120g Oyster mushrooms — 0.5 kg Cream 33% — 70 ml Small zucchini — 1 pc. Broccoli — 50 g

Casserole with mushrooms and potatoes

INGREDIENTS: ● 350g fresh or frozen mushrooms (mushrooms, mushrooms, chanterelles, white, etc.) ● 600 grams of potatoes ● 150g of onions ● 150g of cheese (semi-solid or solid) ● sour cream (10-20%) or mayonnaise ● vegetable oil ● salt ● pepper

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