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Chicken liver with mushrooms

Ingredients: liver bow mushrooms Red wine salt black pepper Red pepper

Baguette stuffed with chicken and mushrooms

Ingredients: – 2 baguette (I do not have long baguettes, are freely placed in the oven) – Chicken breast (1 chicken breast) – Mushrooms (200 g) – a tomato – bow – Herbs (parsley I) – Sour cream (250 g) – cheese – salt pepper

FRIED oyster mushrooms in garlic marinade

FRIED oyster mushrooms in garlic marinade 500 grams of fresh oyster mushrooms 2 garlic cloves 1 bunch of parsley ~ 50 ml of 5% vinegar (any)

Salad "Mushroom glade"

Salad Mushroom Glade – is a delicious and festive salad for the holiday. Salad looks so impressive, that your guests will be only one way out – to be happy 🙂 Cooking Description: Salad “Mushroom Meadow” – one of the most spectacular and original salads that I’ve ever seen. No, of course, in terms of […]

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