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Omelet with ham and mushrooms

  An omelet with ham and mushrooms in multicooker — a great breakfast! INGREDIENTS: ● 50g ham ● 100 grams of mushrooms ● Article 0.5. l. ghee ● 4 pcs. eggs ● 0.5 cups of milk ● salt, spices

«Kish Lauren» with mushrooms and cheese

  Ingredients: — Ready-made puff pastry — 250 g (ie half of the standard package) — Mushrooms (which does not happen much) — 2 onions — A bunch of green onions

Oyster mushrooms in breadcrumbs

Oyster mushrooms in breadcrumbs

  Oyster mushrooms, of course, inferior in beauty mushrooms, but if they put a golden crisp batter and crumbs from … Mmm … simply delicious. This is a favorite dish microbiologist and owner of the mushroom farm in Australia Noel Arrolda. Since Mushroom Specialist praised the oyster mushrooms in breadcrumbs, then we must come to […]

Mushrooms in Korean.

  Ingredients: Mushrooms — 400 grams; Garlic — 4 cloves; Sesame seeds — 1.5 tsp .; Refined vegetable oil — 50 ml;

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