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Roasted mushrooms with herbs

  Ingredients for 4 servings: Mushrooms — 800 g Butter — 50 g Garlic — 3 cloves A mixture of Provencal herbs — 1 tsp.. Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste

Appetizer of mushrooms

  Ingredients mushrooms (better to take a little less than the average size) for the batter: egg flour breadcrumbs for the sauce: sour cream garlic dill salt vegetable oil for frying

Delicious mushrooms in a light MARINADE

  Be sure to try it! Ingredients: 500g — mushrooms 2-3 cloves — garlic 50 ml — 5% apple cider vinegar 50 ml — vegetable oil 1/4 cup — Water 4-5 — bay leaves 2 tsp -. Sugar 1 hour. The salt lozhka- 10 peas — black pepper dill

Quick marinated mushrooms

  In this recipe, mushrooms turn crispy and very tasty. They do not need to conserve. The next day the mushrooms are ready! Ingredients: 500gr. fresh mushrooms. 3 cloves of garlic. 1 onion medium size. 1/2 red bell pepper, and diced For the marinade: 1 l.vody Bay leaf-1pc, black pepper — 5 grains dried oregano. […]

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