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Roast chop

  We take the average pieces of meat and clean it, beat it off, salt it, then fry it, and then put it on a fire-resistant frying pan and drink the juice obtained during roasting. On top of the chop we put a slice of ham or sausage, and on top we add – a […]

Meat in the test – Pork in Bavarian – delicious!

  For 6 servings: 3 onions 2 carrots 3 carnations 1 tsp. Black peppercorns 800 g of pork pulp 300 g frozen puff pastry 3 slices of white bread

Meat in Thai

  Ingredients: – meat – sweet pepper – milk curry – soy sauce – salt to taste – oil for frying

Meat in the dough: – Delicious Patties in Vietnamese

  For 6 servings: 100 g of peeled shrimp 100 g of frozen green beans 1 carrot 2 onions 4 tbsp. L. Sesame oil 1 tsp. Ground ginger 2 tbsp. L. Soy sauce 200 g chopped pork 1 sprig of cilantro

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