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Meat pie from pita bread.

  Puff cake made of pita bread with roasted minced meat and onions. Ingredients: 200 g of lavash (2 leaves) 300 g minced meat (I have beef) 150 g of onion

Delicious pie

  Ingredients (of course, everything depends on the form in which to bake, I take for a 25-centimeter): — 400 gr. Chicken meat (breast). — 1 can of canned champignons. — 1 layer of puff pastry (about 300 gr.). — 3 eggs.


  Lasagna is a dish of Italian cuisine. The word lasagna comes from the Greek language and means «hot plates». This dish is quite simply prepared, it will require minced meat, tomatoes, lasagna plates and Béchamel sauce. Servings: 9. Cooking time: 90 minutes. Ingredients: -Fresh — 1 kg.

Fried fish with mushrooms

  Ingredients 500 g of fish (fillet) 1 egg breadcrumbs 300 g of mushrooms

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