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Roll of minced beef

  I have sometimes speculated that may be made from ground beef. He’s pretty dry. This is usually meatballs with sauce. But I had one more good dish with ground beef — roll. Ingredients Ground beef 500 g White bread 2-3 pieces Milk 1 cup Onions 1 piece

Skewer with potatoes and peppers

Pork (1 kg.) Cut into pieces, marinate overnight with lemon juice (lemon 0.5), soy sauce (2 tablespoons), a mixture of spices (black pepper, paprika, turmeric, basil, cumin, coriander) pressure + 3 garlic cloves, green beam (cilantro, dill, parsley). New potatoes well washed, and an incision on both sides etochkoy, salt. Sweet pepper cut into large […]

Stew with gravy and mashed potatoes

  Ingredients: Beef — 0.5 kg Onions — 1 pc. Carrot — 1 piece (you can not). Flour — 1 tbsp. l. Tom. paste — 1 tsp

Chicken pastrami «Forget about the sausage»

  Ingredients : — Chicken breast fillet — 2 pcs. 250 gr. — Spices to taste — salt — garlic — vegetable oil.

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