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Roast duck with cherry and port wine sauce

  Cooking time: 2 hours 30 minutes. Servings: 6. cooking Difficulty: average. Calories: 1143 kcal. Proteins — Fats ’65 — ’91 Carbohydrates — ’16 Ingredients: Sugar — 2 tsp.. Dry thyme — 1/2 tsp..

Duck leg with raspberry GLAZE

  But not necessarily so hung up on raspberries. If you have time to do red currant jelly, then it will be even more the way! Ingredients: 2 duck legs sht.- a small bunch of — green basil olive oil salt pepper 2/3 cup — dry red wine

Chicken kebabs with potatoes in the oven

  Ingredients: chicken fillet (from the hip) — 1.5 kg onions — 4 pcs Salt (to taste) black pepper (ground, to taste) vinegar (9%) — 50 ml potatoes — 7 pcs

Ham with honey, mustard and mandarin

  Look for original dish for a festive dinner? Take advantage of our recipe. Pork ham in honey-mustard sauce with mandarin — is not only unusual, but also very tasty! Ingredients (10 servings) Big ham with bone and skin — 3-4 kg Large bulbs — 2 pcs. Bay Leaf — 4 pcs. Pea black pepper […]

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