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Baked Pork neck

  Dishes from pork neck always turn out very tasty and especially soft, thanks to a combination of meat and a small amount of fat. This part of the carcass is suitable for almost any kind of meat dishes. Pork neck, baked in the oven, it turns out tender and juicy, soaked flavors of herbs […]

Hunting sausages with potatoes in the pot

  Ingredients for 4 pots: Potatoes — 1 kg hunting sausages — 6 pieces onions — 2 pieces, mushrooms — 200 g, sour cream — 1 cup, Broth — 700 ml sweet paprika -. 1 tsp, vegetable oil for frying, salt, pepper, parsley, bay leaf to taste.

BUN IN THE OVEN with minced meat

  INGREDIENTS: ● Bagels — 250 Grams ● Stuffing — 150 Grams ● Hard cheese — 100 grams ● Milk — 500 milliliters ● Salt — To taste ● Ground black pepper — to taste

Chicken kebabs with potatoes in the oven

  Ingredients: Chicken fillet (from the hip) — 1.5 kg Onion — 4 pieces Salt (to taste) Black pepper (ground, to taste) Vinegar (9%) — 50 ml Potatoes — 7 pcs Preparation: Cut the chicken into small pieces, put in a bowl. Add the pepper, salt, chopped onion rings, vinegar. Stir and leave to marinate […]

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