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Khinkali «Three meat»

INGREDIENTS: lamb 300 g 150 g of beef Pork 150 g 1 cup water onions 2 heads

Roast duck with oranges and apples at home — #Valentine`s Day

INGREDIENTS: Duck 1.5-2 kg Apples 5-6 units. Oranges 3-4 units. 1/2 carrot pieces.

MEAT stew with raisins multiсooker

  Ingredients: 500g — veal fillet 100 ml — apple juice 2 sht.- bulbs 2 carrots sht.- 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Delicious, aromatic FAT — Yum!

  INGREDIENTS: mustard 20 grams 7 garlic clove 1.5 kg of fresh fat salt spices to taste

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