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Sausage potato and cheese «coat» and crispy crust.

  Ingredients (6 sausages): 1 pita bread 4 medium potatoes 6 sausages a small piece of cheese 50 grams of butter

Cubeta with porcini mushrooms

  INGREDIENTS: the dough is flaky unleavened 1kg chicken fillet 200 g white mushrooms 200 g spices 10 g onions 2 heads eggs 2 PCs. greens 1 bunch PREPARATION:

Pork stuffed with pineapple and carrots

  The combination of any meat with pineapple habitually not for everyone, but who knows and loves to cook, the fact of the soul will have this dish — pork stuffed with pineapple and carrots. Ingredients for 4 servings Pork belly 600 g Canned pineapples 200 gr Carrots 1 piece Mayonnaise 200 ml

Pork with zucchini

  Ingredients: -Pork neck 350 g -Onions 2 PCs -Soy sauce 2 tbsp. -Sunflower oil 1-2 tbsp -Zucchini-1 PC. -The mixture of peppers to taste

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