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Meat in the dough: — Delicious Patties in Vietnamese

  For 6 servings: 100 g of peeled shrimp 100 g of frozen green beans 1 carrot 2 onions 4 tbsp. L. Sesame oil 1 tsp. Ground ginger 2 tbsp. L. Soy sauce 200 g chopped pork 1 sprig of cilantro

Burrito — Reminiscent of the eastern Deren, Deren-kebab, Shawarma, only in Mexican, with their characteristic ingredients: pepper, beans, cilantro.

  A tortilla with stuffing, resembles the oriental déerene, dören-kebab, shaurma, only in Mexican, with the ingredients peculiar to them: pepper, beans, cilantro. It turned out delicious. Tip: The most pungent chilli in pepper is the seeds, so it’s better to remove them if you do not want a fire in your mouth.) Products for […]

How to cook a perfect steak

  The right steak is a rare and expensive phenomenon, since everything matters from the quality of meat to the thickness of the frying pan, and cooking time is a key factor. Steak — a piece of meat with a thickness of 2.5 to 5 cm, fried to crust on both sides. Steaks are cut […]

Roast in pots — very tasty

Roast in pots - very tasty

  Roast is a dish of meat and vegetables, traditional for Russian cuisine. Roast in pots food, cooking Ingredients Pork 700g Potatoes 5 pcs. Onions (large) 1 pc. Carrots (large) 1 pc. Bulgarian pepper 1-2 pcs.

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