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The meat in foil with mushrooms and tomatoes

The meat in foil with mushrooms and tomatoe   Very similar to the meat in French, but I made a few changes in the preparation of this dish! Meat obtained sooooo juicy and incredibly tasty! 😉 We need: -4 Pieces of meat I usually marinate meat in advance, it is better to leave it in […]

Juicy casserole with chicken

Juicy casserole with chicken   Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 500 g Onion (large) — 3 pcs. Potatoes (medium) — 4 pcs. Eggs — 3 pcs. Processed cheese — 3 pieces. Yogurt (without additives or sour cream) — 0.5 cups

How to cook boiled pork

How to cook boiled pork   Ingredients: Pork — 1.5kg Garlic — 4 tooth. Sweet paprika — 1 tsp Mustard — 1 tbsp with pips Salt — 0.5 tsp Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp Allspice — 0.5 tsp Black pepper — 0.5 tsp

Pie with meatballs

Pie with meatballs   Delicious and hearty pie. Men umyali dinner with great pleasure)) Products: 3 eggs 150 gr. flour 250 gr. sour cream 1 tsp. Baking powder ½ tsp. Salt 150 gr. cheese 500 gr. meatballs

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