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Roast pork with mustard sauce

  Great recipe roasted pork with mustard sauce. Served roast pork with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. Ingredients 900 gr. pork (tenderloin) 5 tbsp mustard (dining room) 2 PCs. carrots 1 piece onion (big size) 2 cloves garlic

Take any favorite in your family meat

In the casserole heat up the vegetable oil is heated. In it, small portions, literally five pieces, throw your meat (the size of chunks as for stew). With a slotted spoon take out fried until Golden brown meat and put in a bowl. Nothing salt! When the meat is fried in vegetable oil fried onions […]

Pork manly

  Ingredients: Pork 600 g Onion 1 PC. Balsamic vinegar to taste Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil 1 tbsp.


  Ingredients: Pork — 900 g R. Mayonnaise — 3 tbsp Hot sauce (or Tabasco) — 1 tsp Potatoes (large) — 1-2 PCs Greens (dill and parsley) — 1 bunch Salt Black pepper Green onions

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