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Croutons cheese

  We offer you a very delicious toast. They are good in hot and cold. Try. The expenditure of time to preparing a minimum, you can prepare for Breakfast! Ingredients: Baton yesterday Hard cheese-50 grams egg-3 PCs


  A delicious snack and a quick Breakfast. Ingredients: Rolls — 6 PCs Eggs(better quail) — 6 PCs Ham — 120 g Pickles — 1 PC Butter — 90 g Milk — 3 tbsp


  Ingredients: 3 PCs. — tomato 3 tsp. butter 3 PCs — eggs salt and pepper green onions Preparation:

The egg in the sausage

  Ingredients 3 long sausages (e.g. Vienna), 3 eggs, 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of mayonnaise, butter, vegetable oil for frying, salt, salad greens and parsley, pepper.

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