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Recipe for Sunday breakfast: Texas fried eggs

  Scrambled eggs are perhaps the most international dish of all, but in each country it acquires its own unique taste. We have already told how to prepare an Italian frittata, an Israeli shakshuku, an English scramble. Next in line is a real Texan fried egg. Ingredients (for 2-3 servings): Eggs — 5 pcs. Red […]

Scrambled eggs with zucchini and bread

  Ingredients: Slices of stale bread — 2-3 pcs. Onion medium size — 1 pc. Zucchini medium size — 1 pc. Eggs of chicken — 5-6 pieces. Abkhazian salt — 1 tsp.

Omelette with avocado and rucola

Ingredients 4 eggs olive oil ½ avocado


  Ingredients Ground beef — 600 g Onion — 1 PC. Garlic — 1 clove Parsley — 1 bunch Cilantro — 1 bunch Jeera — 1 tsp

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