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Fried tomatoes

Fried tomatoes Ingredients: Eggs — 2 pcs. Tomatoes — 2 pcs. salt — to taste pepper — to taste

Cheese cakes with herbs

Cheese cakes with herbs Ingredients: Sour cream 15-20% — 300g Eggs -3 pieces. Cheese — 200 g Flour — 4-5 st.lozhek Green — 1 bunch Salt — 1 pinch Vegetable oil for frying Cheese cakes with herbs

Salad with fish and pickles.

Salad with fish and pickles. Canned fish to taste (in oil or natural) 1 Bank boiled potatoes 2 pc boiled carrots 1 piece red onion 1 piece boiled eggs 3 pcs pickled cucumbers (or pickled) 2 pcs Refills sour cream, mayonnaise, unsweetened yogurt (in general, to taste)

Sandwiches — cheap and very tasty

Sandwiches — cheap and very tasty It is very tasty sandwiches. Smetana always turn off the table. And what snack to beer!   Ingredients: -long loaf -yaytsa -chesnok -lukovitsa -mayonez butyric frying onions -Green salt

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