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OMELETTE-ROLL 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons milk finely grated cheese, finely chopped sausage

#Tartlets with crab sticks and egg.

#Tartlets with crab sticks and egg. #crab salad recipe with photos #Recipes delicious dishes with photos Crab sticks – 2 pcs. Chicken egg (boiled boiled) – 2 pcs. Dutch Cheese (cheese all durum) – 100 gr.

#Scotch Eggs

#Scotch Eggs Ingredients: eggs boiled – 4 pcs. cooked ground beef – 400 g salt pepper vegetable oil for frying

Salad "Bride"

Salad “Bride” Ingredients: – 300 g smoked chicken – 3 eggs – 1 processed cheese “Friendship” – 1 medium sized potatoes – bow – Mayonnaise

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