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"Duff" omelette

«Duff» omelette Ingredients: — 3 eggs — 2/3 cup milk — Salt or sugar to taste Cooking method


frittata #delicious main dishes Recipes with photos How about something in Italian solar? An excellent breakfast options would be the closest relative of the omelette — delicious frittata with eggs, mushrooms, spinach and juicy cherry tomatoes, covered with golden cheese crust and serve on a hot skillet. Buon appetito! It is necessary to: 150 grams […]


OMELETTE-ROLL 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons milk finely grated cheese, finely chopped sausage

#Tartlets with crab sticks and egg.

#Tartlets with crab sticks and egg. #crab salad recipe with photos #Recipes delicious dishes with photos Crab sticks — 2 pcs. Chicken egg (boiled boiled) — 2 pcs. Dutch Cheese (cheese all durum) — 100 gr.

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