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5 breakfasts of eggs according to recipes from around the world. Israel: shakshuka

Homeland of this dish is considered to Tunisia, but it is so coveted Israelis that became their national breakfast. Prepares very simple and familiar taste of eggs is revealed in a new way. Ingredients: Tomatoes in own juice — 1 jar; Onions — 1 pc; Hot pepper — 1 cm; Eggs — 4 pcs; Salt […]

GENTLE schnitzel with egg

Ingredients: 700 grams of pork 100 grams of bread 0.5 cups milk 1 onion 1 egg into minced 8 eggs in the filling 150 g of cheese salt, pepper, hop-suneli, greens

Boiled eggs with salad selёdochnym.

1.Yaytsa Boil, cool, cut in half, remove the yolk. 2.File herring cut into small + + yolks marinated red onion, a little mayonnaise, mix well. 3.Vyloz

#Salad "Tenderness"

#Salad «Tenderness» Ingredients: 2 breast fillet 4 eggs 200 gr.tverd.syra 1 onion 1 b. chopped mushrooms

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