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Omelet with broccoli for breakfast

  Ingredients: 2 cloves, squeeze 2 tablespoons olive oil 180 g broccoli (florets) 1/4 teaspoon red pepper salt and black pepper 6 large eggs 100 g grated cheese

Fried eggs in French

  At 1-2 servings you will need: 1 small clove (fried in butter, I use corn!) 2 small tomatoes (cut to add to the onions!) Fried tomatoes are very useful! 2 slices of loaf or bread (cut into cubes) to add to the fried tomatoes.

Roll with scrambled eggs and spinach leaves

  Surprise colleagues at work. Fry in a pan thin omelet, and who knows, the cake, the recipe is below. If you do not know how, then buy a ready-made cake. Put on a cake cheese omelette cover, cover the spinach leaves and twisting. Done.

Priming cake with green onions and egg

  Ingredients: Sour cream — 350 g Butter — 150 g Flour — 280-300 g Chicken eggs — 6 pcs. Baking powder — 1.5 tsp.. Salt — 1/2 tsp.. Sugar Green onions — 1 bunch

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