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Low-calorie Eggs stuffed with herring

  A total of 100 grams 121 calories B/W/Y 10.3 / 7.4 / 2.9 Need: 5 eggs (10 halves) 1 boiled beet (medium) 1 fillet herring juice of 1/2 lemon 2 tbsp low-fat sour cream or natural yoghurt

Unusual and delicious breakfast sandwiches

  You will need: 16 pieces of white toaster bread (we have exactly one loaf); 8 plates of ham (smoked meat); 1-2 tomatoes; 200 g of mushrooms,

Good morning in Italian: delicious fritata

  A hearty breakfast with hot Mediterranean shores. Frittata is an omelet in Italian. At its core, it’s the same pizza, only on the egg pancake instead of the dough. But how it sounds! You can easily cope with its preparation in your kitchen, if you have already tried to prepare breakfast from eggs 4 […]

Omelette with zucchini (photo)

Ingredients Eggs — 2 pcs. Milk — 100 ml Flour — 50 g Bulb — 1 pc. Carrots — 3 pcs. Zucchini — 1 pc.

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