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  Dishes from pumpkin multivarka often include in its membership meat. For the preparation of dishes use 1 kg of pork and 0.5 kg pumpkin pulp. Also required vegetables: 150 g onion, 400 g fresh tomato and potato. (Tomatoes can be replaced by canned pre-cleaned of skin)

Roast in multicooker

  Prepare a delicious roast for the whole family without the hassle! Ingredients Pork 900 g onion 1-2 pcs. potatoes 6-9 pcs. carrot 1 piece. pepper 1 pc. salt and spices to taste vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l. tomato paste 1-2 tbsp. l.

Cook the meat «in French» in multicooker

  In our country, the so-called meat baked in the oven with a variety of additives, the main ones are cheese and onions. Someone adds tomatoes, some fungi, and some potatoes. Cook the meat «in French» in multivarka. Ingredients: — Meat (pork) — Potatoes (4 pcs) — 2 onions

Goulash gravy multicooker in «Home»

  Ingredients: • beef — 0.7 kg; • two bulbs; • Three liters. tablespoons of sunflower oil; • two liters. tablespoons flour and tomato paste; • one and a half liters of tea. salt; • 320 ml of water was hot; • taste — ground pepper

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