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Fish under the snow

Fish under the snow Ingredients: -400 C. fish (my sole wonton) -100 C. sour cream -3 eggs 0.5 tsp mustard (as paste) -1 Tsp vegetable oil

MACKEREL in 3 minutes

MACKEREL in 3 minutes Of course this is a la smoked mackerel, smoked because the recipe does not smell, but the taste of a great fish. Ingredients: Mackerel (average) — 1 piece Onion peel (how many there are, on the eye) Salt (spoons) — 5 tablespoons Water — 1 liter

Smothered herring rolls

Smothered herring rolls

As capelin fry in the oven !!!

As capelin fry in the oven  Now many capelin roast. It is fast and convenient, besides no spray «. So, what we need: 0.5 kg. capelin, salt and black pepper, plus flour. Vegetable oil is not required, because the fish fry we fail to pan, and the pan.

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