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  Traditional salad for Easter with a new flow: the layers of vegetables are laid out diagonally, without mixing. The quantity of ingredients adjust to your liking. Ingredients: herring fillets red onion lemon juice boiled potatoes mayonnaise

The correct way to cook mackerel (weight loss)

  A very simple way to enjoy a delicious fish and saturate your body with the right proteins and fats. Ingredients: 2 mackerels 1 onion 150 g of natural yogurt 1/2 lemon juice Salt, spices to taste Preparation: Each mackerel is gutted, cut along into 2 parts, remove the bones.

Stuffed carp

  100 g-83 calories. You will need: 1 carp (about 1.5 kg) 1 package of «Italian mix» (cauliflower, peas, carrots, zucchini) 1 pinch of rosemary 2 tbsp 10% cream salt to taste

Delicious fish, baked with tomatoes and cheese (weight loss)

🔸on 100gramm — 70.37 kcal🔸B/W/Y — 3.37/3.99/5.69🔸 Ingredients: Fillets of lean fish (we had cod) — 700 g Large tomato — 1 PC. Greek yogurt 4 tbsp Garlic 3-4 cloves Fresh herbs to taste (we had dill) Salt and pepper to taste Low-fat cheese — 50 g

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