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  Cooked in their skins or baked beetroot — 3 pieces Welded to peel carrots — 3 pieces Boiled potatoes in their skins — 2 — 3 pieces Hard-boiled eggs — 2 pieces Herring — 1 medium Onions — 1 small Mayonnaise — about 100 g Salt

Fish flavorful.

    Many people like to fish and my family — is no exception. I suggest to try one of the favorite recipes of fish cooking in our family. For the preparation of aromatic fish need: fish fillets — 700 g; ketchup — Article 5. l .; soy sauce — Article 5. l .; Garlic […]

Baked fish in a fur coat from omelet

  Ingredients: 500 grams of lean fish fillets (pollock, cod, salmon); 5 eggs; 1/4 cup chopped walnuts; 3 tsp lemon juice; salt, pepper and herbs to taste.

Fish in tomato sauce

    We would like to present a very affordable and easy to prepare dish. It will fit any even frozen fish fillets. From Pangasius and Hake to Cod. Here is a recipe with tomato sauce from normal tomatoes. If you do not have tomatoes or just do not want to mess with it, you […]

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