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Very tasty fish — rich. And the filling is perfectly combined with the taste of mackerel.

  Ingredients: Mackerel frozen 3 PCs boiled eggs 2 PCs Cheese 50 grams Parsley 4-5 sprigs Lemon ½ piece Zest of a lemon 1 tsp 1 clove garlic Salt Pepper Preparation:

Recipe for Sunday breakfast: panini with smoked sockeye

Recipe for Sunday breakfast: panini with smoked sockeye A hot Italian paninini sandwich is a universal recipe for a perfect breakfast. The Chef of the restaurant Andiamo, Victor Beley, suggests preparing panini with smoked sockeye, cream cheese cheese and fresh vegetables, and we gladly follow his advice. Ingredients: Panini — 1 pc Fillet of smoked […]

Steamed salmon — Delicious!

100g /140 calories Will need for 2 servings: 4 salmon steaks 2 tbsp. soy sauce 1 teaspoon lemon juice How to do:

Fish casserole with zucchini

120ккал. to 100g. We will need: 700 gr. fillet of your favorite white fish, meaty (I pangasius fillet 140 rubles per kilo) 1 ripe small zucchini, 300-400 gr. in a purified form 1 medium onion bulb 1 medium carrot 4 eggs

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