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At time, baked fish in mustard sauce, it was very tasty, juicy and not dry, just melting in your mouth.

Mackerel in mustard sauce are very lush! I love mackerel and cook it for a variety of recipes.   Prepared very easily and very quickly. Try to cook and you will not be disappointed. Ingredients: mackerel — 2 fish; Onions — 1 pc .; Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp. l .; soy sauce — 3 tablespoons. […]

Mackerel on tea

  Cooking fish is self-interested, and to experiment with it in preparing doubly interesting. Mackerel on tea is obtained with an attractive smoked taste, most importantly the right to collect the design of the foil, then everything will turn out right.     Ingredients tea 2-3 h. spoon sugar 1 h. spoon fish 1 pcs. […]

Rolls with cheese, salmon and prawns

INGREDIENTS: Figure 300 g parmesan cheese 50-100 g cream cheese 1 pc. salmon / salmon

Trout with garlic sauce, baked potato on a «cushion»

  Ingredients: Potatoes — 6 pcs. Cream — 250 ml Garlic — 2 cloves Flour — optional Carrots — 1 pc.

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