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Fish casserole: a super dinner! (weight loss)

For 100grams — 97.06 kcal B / W / Y — 14.02 / 3.45 / 2.43 Ingredients: Fish fillet — 400 g (we have cod) Onion — 1 piece Carrots — 1 piece Natural yogurt — 100 g


  The rich fish soup is incredibly tasty and cute! We eat and enjoy! Ingredients: — 250 gr trout fillet or salmon fillet — 300 gr potatoes — 200 gr spinach or beet leaves — 150 g carrots — 100 gr onion — 40 g ground cherry celery (1 sprig) — 150 ml cream

The fish in the oven with a crispy crust.

  Baked fish in breadcrumbs with Tartar sauce has a wonderful flavor and crisp crust. It is incredibly tasty and then serves you more on want to buy frozen foods type of fish cutlets. Try it! You will need: Cod,or Pollock 450 g Chicken egg 2 PCs. Lemon-0,5 pieces. Salt to taste Pepper freshly ground […]


  Ingredients: -1 Bank of any canned fish (saury, sardine, tuna, salmon); -1 small raw carrots; -1 tart Apple; -1-2 tbsp finely chopped onion; -greenery — to taste; -salt and pepper — to taste; -mayonnaise or sour cream — to taste; -3 tomatoes.

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