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  Cheese cakes yogurt is a very tasty dish, which is prepared extremely quickly. Ingredients: Yogurt — 1 Cup Salt — 1/2 tsp Sugar — 1/2 tsp Soda — 1/2 tsp Grated cheese — 1 Cup Grated ham or sausage (you can also use curd with greens) — 1 Cup Flour — 2 cups

[UPDATED] All-Pink Starburst Are NOW in Stores

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22 Mexican Drinks for South-of-the-Border Boozing

Coconut Horchata

Your favorite Mexican ingredients, now in drinkable form

From steamy atoles to fruity aguas frescas and eye-opening micheladas, our best Mexican drink and cocktail recipes are perfect for Cinco de Mayo boozing.

Recipe lazy dumplings with cottage cheese

  Flour – 100 grams; Cottage cheese – 500 grams; Sugar – 50 grams; Chicken egg – 1 piece; Salt – to taste; Butter – to taste.

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