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18 Red Radish Recipes

Fermented beetroot with blackberries, seaweed and hazelnuts

This beautiful beetroot dish is comprised of fermented and slow-roasted beetroot, served with pickled beetroot and a seaweed oil for a slight flavour of the sea. Blackberries and hazelnuts are added to the beetroot mix for sweetness and crunch – a stunning dish for a vegan dinner party. This dish was created by Rob Howell, head chef at Josh Eggleton’s restaurant Root.

Chocolate Skillet Cake With Milk Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Skillet Cake With Milk Chocolate Frosting
This quick and easy chocolate cake is the ultimate weeknight dessert—the batter is made and baked right in a cast iron skillet, no whipping, creaming, or beating involved. Even so, the cake itself is as fluffy and light as they come, with the bold flavor of both Dutch cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Finish it off with a creamy milk chocolate ganache (prepared in advance with the same skillet), or whip up a simple peanut butter or cream cheese frosting instead.
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