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10 Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Fermentation Larder

Quick Basic Kimchi

Everything is better in brine

Whether you prefer wet-brining or dry-salting, we’ve got the perfect recipes for fermenting just about anything.

Solar-Powered Ice Makers Are Changing How This Amazon Fishing Community Makes a Living


In one of the Amazon’s many off-the-grid communities, making ice at home is the difference between one day of fishing and a 50-mile up-river journey to the nearest town.

In the off-the-grid Amazon fishing village of Vila Nova do Amaña, the installation of solar-powered ice makers is making all the difference in how the community makes a…

Olive Oil Fried Potatoes with Over Easy Eggs (Huevos Estrellados)

Olive Oil Fried Potatoes with Over Easy Eggs (Huevos Estrellados)
Casa Lucio in Madrid serves this dish of silky, soft cooked eggs over a bed of olive-oil fried potatoes.

In Madrid, It’s All About the Egg

patrons at restaurant in madrid

Behind the three dishes that define Madrid’s love affair with the humble huevo

Spaniards consume an average of 254 eggs a year, more than their French, German, and British brethren—and who could blame them? In Madrid, a city even the simplest huevo…

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