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Cottage cheese bagels

    Because of the amounts of ingredients would be about 40 pieces. Ingredients: -Tvorog – 400 g Butyric (margarine) – 250 g -Muka – ~ 400 g -Sahar – 150 g -Vanilny Sugar (optional) – 1 tsp -Razryhlitel – 2 tsp


  TURKEY IN-SERBSKI?? Ingredients: 500g – turkey fillet 2 sht.- red red pepper 2 onions sht.- 2 cloves – garlic 2 tablespoons – Rapeseed oil salt pepper 1 tsp – Ground sweet paprika Long grain rice 200 g- 2 tablespoons – Tomato paste 600 ml – chicken broth 400 r canned chopped tomatoes

Homemade bread on yogurt

  Homemade bread on yogurt – a great alternative stores loaf. Especially good at bread on yogurt made from rye flour. He has a pronounced acidity and a stunning fragrance.   With the bread you can make sandwiches and sandwiches, it is perfect for any first dishes. You can also simply spread on him butter […]

Delicious cheese with nuts

  Ingredients: The milk of any fat content – 1 liter Kefir any fat – 1 liter Eggs – 3 pcs. Salt – 3 tsp.. Relish – on request Preparation: Milk and yogurt pour into a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally to avoid burnt. Beat eggs with salt and spices and nuts. […]

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