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  Classic steaks are, of course, of meat, but this variation is not bad at all. Schnitzel cabbage can be used and as a separate dish, and as a garnish. This is an easy and low-calorie dish is suitable for those who want to relieve the body a break from the heavier food. His quick […]

How to cook a delicious homemade bread.

  Try to cook a delicious homemade bread for yourself and you will see that this bread is much tastier and much cheaper than the stores. ToHow to cook a delicious homemade bread. prepare delicious homemade bread we need:   — 2.5 cups flour first sorta- one glass of water — Two tablespoons of sugar — […]

Baked liver pate

  Mouth-watering recipe Gourmet pâté. The result is not so fat, if you wish, you can paste and fresh hlebushek spread, it is very delicate.     Ingredients turkey livers 700 gr.


  Today we will prepare the cheesy bread. Ingredients : dry yeast — 1 packet warm water — 0.25 cups warm milk or water — 1.25 cups salt — 1 tbsp muka- 5.5 — 6 cups grated sharp cheese «cheddar» — 1.5 cups grated cheese «Parmesan» — 0.25 cups

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