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20 Must-Try Coleslaw Recipes for a Summer BBQ

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Give a Jar of No-Knead Sourdough for Others To Feed


For Kevin Pang, the holidays are full of feeding a loaf of bread to watch it grow

Give the gift of a sourdough starter in a jar with explicit instructions on how to care for it—your bread-obsessed friends will love it.

Classic Chiffon Cake With Vanilla Chantilly

Classic Chiffon Cake With Vanilla Chantilly
Few cakes are as light as chiffon, a sponge cake as billowy and soft as its name suggests. It’s similar to angel food, but with the added richness of yolk and a splash of oil. This recipe strays from the norm with club soda as the liquid component, infusing the batter with plenty of fizz, for a cake that bakes up extra fluffy and tender. Whether baked in layers or a traditional tube pan, chiffon is best served fresh, with plenty of berries and cream.
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