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  Indian “alu buhara” – meatballs “with a surprise”, cut a “meat ball”, and there – prunes! These meatballs are prepared from chicken forcemeat in a rich, spicy tomato-yoghurt Indian sauce! This dish is called “aloo bukhara” (“aloo bukhara”) and belongs to the cuisine of the northern regions of India. For the filling of meatballs, […]

Cottage cheese rolls are unrealistically soft!

  Today I have for you a recipe for incredibly soft and lush curd buns on yeast. It is very pleasant to have a curd test – it is very soft and supple, and baking from it is kept fresh for a long time. Ingredients: Flour – 360g Cottage cheese – 180 g Milk – […]

Wiener Schnitzel

  Viennese schnitzel – a large chunk of meat, fried in breading, cooked traditionally from beef or veal, but there is a variant of pork, chicken fillet and even minced meat. Ideal are large slices from the pulp, though, and a small piece of meat can be cut so as to insure its area. As […]

Cutlets in a Captain’s style

  Ingredients: Pork-ground beef – 600 Grams Potatoes – 2 pieces Tomato – 2 pieces Onion – 1-2 pieces Cheese hard – 150 Grams

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