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Cheese balls with crab sticks

  INGREDIENTS: ● 250g of frozen crab sticks (or crab meat); ● 250g of melted cheese (which is rubbed); ● 50-100 grams of salted salmon (optional); ● 1 bunch of dill; ● garlic – to taste; ● mayonnaise for refueling

The most tender scones

  Ingredients: -300 G flour -135 Ml of milk -1 egg -2 Tablespoons Sahara 1/2 tsp salt -1 Tsp dry yeast (12 g or fresh) -30 + 30 g butter Preparation:

Onion rings

  Ingredients: – 135 grams of flour – salt – Ground black pepper – Chilli powder – 250 ml of yoghurt – 2 eggs – 3 onions – 20 ml of vegetable oil


Incredibly tender crumb with a creamy spicy impregnation, thin dry crust, flavor and attractive appearance oblige bring bread recipe with garlic and herbs, which is the first sample becomes the favorite, in a cookbook. For the preparation of bread with garlic and herbs we will need these ingredients flour / s – 500 g; yeast […]

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