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Baklavas (Baklava)

  Ingredients: Package of phyllo dough (not puff pastry!); 250 g nuts (150 g walnuts and about 100 grindale); some sesame seeds (10 grams), toasted in a frying pan; 3 tablespoons sugar (can be brown); 100 ml syrup (or 1 Cup sugar, 1 Cup water, a little lemon juice); 2 tablespoons of honey; a pinch […]

Quick meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce, perfect for pasta

  Ingredients: Garlic — 4 cloves Hot pepper — 1 tsp Passata (crushed tomatoes in their own juice)— 300 g Onion average — 1 PC. Parsley — 4 tbsp Nutmeg — 1/2 tsp. Minced meat — 500 g Breadcrumbs — 50 g Egg — 1 PC.

Tarts with delicious fillings

  For 24 tartlets you will need: 170 g flour (approximately one Cup) 100 g of hard cheese (I take Cheddar) 100 g butter 1 egg pinch of salt one tablespoon of vodka Tartlets with cheese and tomatoes 2 large tomatoes


  The dish is prepared in five minutes and able to diversify your table, if suddenly descended guests. Delicious and easy!!! I’m already starting to salivate. Ingredients: processed cheese, carrots, olives, tartlets, garlic,

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