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5 delicious non-calorie recipes with one of the most useful cereals. (weight loss)

Such buckwheat you have not yet eaten. 1. Buckwheat with tomatoes: simple and nutritious 67 kcal per 100 grams Ingredients: ● Buckwheat 100 g ● Carrots 1 pc ● Onions 1 pc. ● Tomatoes in own juice or fresh 3-4 pcs. ● Garlic (optional) 1 tooth

The Time Has Come: Kinder Eggs Are Making Their Way to America



Flognarde : Flognarde is a dessert that originated in France’s Limousin region. The recipe is very simple: a vanilla-flavoured egg custard, thickened with flour, and sometimes made with seasonal fruit (apples, cherries, pears…).

This is a very old recipe that has come down to us virtually unchanged since medieval times.

Why You Should Only Buy California Avocados

Sigh, avocado prices are skyrocketing again.

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