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Cuttlefish ragù with tortiglioni and salsa verde

Paul Welburn puts a seafood-inspired twist on a classic dish in his cuttlefish ragù recipe, paired with chunky tortiglioni pasta to complement the beautiful sauce. This dish celebrates the underrated cuttlefish in all its glory, topping the dish with the crispy battered tentacles and serving with a vibrant green salsa verde. If you can’t get hold of cuttlefish, you can substitute with squid.

Pesto rosso fusilli with cherry tomatoes and basil

This summery fusilli dish from Paul Ainsworth is served with a homemade pesto rosso recipe. If you’re short on time, you can buy confit garlic in jars from delis and blitz into the purée needed for the recipe.

Spaghetti with clams, gremolata and chilli

There’s a fair bit of prep work involved in this beautiful clam spaghetti recipe, but the results are stunning. Paul Welburn serves the spaghetti mixed with a gremolata infused with herb oil, a hint of chilly and topped off with a clam foam make of the intensely flavoured clam stock. A seafood delight fit for a dinner party.

These German Graphics Show What Really Goes Into Your Favorite Food Products

nutella expanded

Spoiler—it’s mostly sugar

German consumer advocacy group Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg visualizes the ingredient makeup of everyday products.

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