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Souffle with taste of bitter chocolate

  121.16 kcal. to 100g. (that’s not dark chocolate, you can add more honey or fructose). Ingredients: 500 g low-fat curd mass; 0,5 tbsp. skim milk; 2 tbsp honey or fructose (stevia); 2 tbsp natural cocoa; 18 grams of gelatin.

Cabbage patties (100g — 93.00 kcal) — lose weight delicious!

  Ingredients Cabbage (1 kg) onion (1 piece) semolina (0.5 cups) garlic (2 cloves) oil for frying greens salt and spices Cooking time: 30-40 min. Method of preparation:

Diet,with which you will be able to lose 7 pounds in a week!

  Breakfast: Any cereal with one slice of bread+fresh black tea Lunch: One egg + a Cup of yogurt Snack: One egg+a glass of green tea Dinner:

Eggplant baked with tomatoes and mushrooms — super-delicious and diet!

  Composition: 500 g eggplant 250 g tomatoes 300 g mushrooms (fresh or frozen) 200 g sour cream 100 g of cheese (hard) 3 cloves of garlic salt Recipe

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