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Fasting Breakfast. Cocktail bran and prunes.

  Take on the wall, not to lose. Ingredients: – a large glass of kefir 1% fat (about 300 ml) – 2 tablespoons of loose bran – 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed meal – 1 teaspoon cocoa powder – 5-7 pieces of prunes (better fleshy, not dried) about 50 ml of boiling water (to steam the […]

Skinny diet”:

  1 day – 1 liter of milk and mineral water or tea. 2 day – 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and drink any juice without sugar (except banana and grape) 800 ml. 3 day – only mineral water all day. (1 l) Day 4 – 4 potatoes in their skins and juice sugar-free (800 […]

Fried chicken with Brussels sprouts – delicious for a flat stomach!

  100 g – 98 kcal Ingredients: -500 g chicken fillet (or Turkey fillet) -400 g Brussels sprouts (or cauliflower, broccoli) -200 g onions -200 g carrots Sol -pepper -vegetable oil

Souffle with taste of bitter chocolate

  121.16 kcal. to 100g. (that’s not dark chocolate, you can add more honey or fructose). Ingredients: 500 g low-fat curd mass; 0,5 tbsp. skim milk; 2 tbsp honey or fructose (stevia); 2 tbsp natural cocoa; 18 grams of gelatin.

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