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Easy cake with yogurt and fruit no-bake — colorful and low calorie recipe

  Ingredients Yogurt (fat and fillers taste, it is possible to use a mixture of different yogurts, such as simple and pineapple) — 500 g Instant gelatin — 25 g (1 sachet) Sugar — 4 tbsp or to taste (depends on sweetness of yogurt) Fruits, berries (in season, optional) — 200-300 g How to prepare:

Deli meats for raw food — Delicious!

Raw meat eaters are not those who eat cheese, but those who eat almost exclusively raw foods that have not been thermally processed. This means that the meat and fish completely drop out of the diet, the bread remains, but only bezdorozhevoy and whole grains, no tea, no coffee, only pure water, and the basis […]

Recipe vegetable rye tortillas — An excellent dietary treat

  The whole process of cooking, together with pastries is just 20 min, of your time — 5 minutes. These delicious cakes are all good. Help as a snack during the day. Perfectly combined with cheese and vegetables. If necessary, stored for a long time, not cherstveya. They are slightly sweet, but without sugar! And […]

Protein dinner: cheese lasagna — Tasty and dietary!

per 100grams — 155.11 kcal B / W / Y — 16.61 / 8.81 / 2.54 Ingredients: Onions 3 pcs. Tomatoes 3 pcs. Chicken forcemeat 700 g Tomato paste 3 tbsp. spoons Greenery 15 g

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