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7 habits of slender: we lose weight correctly

  We are slaves to our habits, including food. Do you dream of getting rid of slavery and protecting your figure? Change! Psychologists say that to consolidate any habit it takes at least 21 days. Here also it is excellent: 3 weeks — exactly so long does not burden a dietary program which will help […]

Gentle smoothies diet.

  With such a diet, only second breakfast and snack are replaced with smoothies, the rest of the meals are full and look like this: Breakfast: Oatmeal, buckwheat or millet porridge (150 g) with an apple or any other fruit. Lunch: Light chicken broth. Dinner: Vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.

34 main products for proper nutrition

  Proteins: • Eggs are a good source of protein, which speeds up metabolism • Milk serum • Turkey without skin • Chicken breast without skin • Peanut butter • Low-fat meat — pork and beef

Dietary open pie with cherries — lose weight delicious!

For 100grams — 152.12 kcal B / W / Y — 4.85 / 1.2 / 30.97 Ingredients: Oatmeal 1 cup Wholemeal flour 3/4 cup Cherry 500-550 g (without a stone it turns out 400 g) Cottage cheese skimmed 100 g

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