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Chicken stew with tomatoes and peppers

🔸on 100gramm – 48.3 kcal🔸B/W/Y – 7.41/0.44/3.24🔸 Ingredients: Chicken fillet – 500 g Tomatoes – 8 PCs Sweet peppers – 3 PCs Salt, pepper – to taste Preparation:

Candy with benefits!

  Stop eating empty calories Ingredients: Raisins Dates Almonds Preparation:

Useful pate of chicken and carrots

  100 g – 98 kcal PFC-15\3\3 Ideal for a quick snack: sandwiches with the pate boost of energy and overcome hunger! Ingredients: ● 1 chicken breast ● 2-3 large carrots (350 g) ● 1 small onion ● 3 boiled eggs, ● pepper, dill, salt ● Apple cider vinegar

20 options the right protein dinner and flat tummy

  1. The usual omelette mix egg whites and milk, a few fresh tomatoes or a handful of any frozen vegetables such as green beans 2. Chicken on the grill, pre-marinated in lemon juice with spices served with salad made of any vegetables. 3. Cod, salmon or any other fish steamed with vegetables 4. Rabbit […]

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