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Just 3 days «oat» menu, and you — the goddess of beauty. (weight loss)

  Oatmeal diet — according to many nutritionists, the most useful of all kinds of cereal diets. This is because of the oat flakes comprises complex carbohydrates — an important source of energy for the human body, vegetable fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins E, PP, B vitamins, retinol and various trace elements, in particular potassium, magnesium […]

Dietary khachapuri: a tasty snack!(weight loss)

on 100gramm — 127.76 kcal B / M / Y — 13.59 / 5.48 / 6.07 Ingredients: For the dough: 200 g fat-free yogurt 2 eggs 150 ml nonfat yogurt

Coffee tiramisu for the benefit of the waist(weight loss)

  Total 100 grams — 75 kcal:  Belki- 13 Zhiry -1 Uglevody — 3 Ingredients: • Oat bran 150 g • Cottage cheese 0% 300 g • Protein 125 g (5 egg whites) • 1 cup freshly brewed coffee

Fitness pancakes in 10 minutes! (weight loss)

  You will need 300g of minced cod (or you can take the minced chicken), 1 onion, a bunch of green onions., One carrot. Onions and carrots rubbed on a fine grater, add to stuffing.

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