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egci layered salad

117 kcal for 100 gr to create the cylindrical shape you can use a preset from a plastic bottle For 1 serving: 1 grated cucumber A piece of boiled chicken. breast 1 tomato, peeled

The eggplant in the oven with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms

?on 100gramm — 40.15 kcal?B/W/Y — 3.44/1.43/3.6? Ingredients: Eggplant — 2 PCs Tomatoes — 4 PCs Mushrooms — 200 gr Garlic — 7 g Cheese — 70 g Salt, pepper — to taste Preparation:

Oatmeal cookies: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside?

?on 100gramm — 197.47 calories?B/W/Y — 6.61/6.42/29.47? Ingredients: Rolled oats 3-4 tbsp Banana 1 piece Egg 1 piece S1 Dried fruits (dried apricots 2pcs prunes 3 pieces) Nuts a handful Soda 1/3 teaspoon (can be without)

A proper dinner not to gain weight in the winter. 6 examples of healthy dinners

    1. Regular omelet mixture of eggs and milk, to which you can add a few fresh tomatoes or a handful of any frozen vegetables. 2. Grilled chicken fillets, previously soaked in lemon juice with spices served at the table with a salad made of any vegetables. 3. Cod steamed side dish which will […]

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