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Chicken in pita bread

(126 kcal/100 g) A sheet of thin Armenian lavash Baked in foil chicken breast (or just chicken), 100 grams Lettuce Tomatoes, cucumbers Cheese 50 grams Spices, Provence herbs to taste For the filling you will need: 15 grams home, natural yoghurt (can substitute sour cream) 2H.l. soy sauce 3 tbsp adjika (ketchup or any other […]

Energy candy

  Ingredients: -1 Cup of dry oatmeal -1 Cup toasted coconut -1/2 Cup peanut butter -1/2 Cup wheat germ -1/2 Cup chocolate chips -1/3 Cup honey -1 tsp vanilla

Menu for those who want to bring their body into shape!

  PP-diet 1200-1500 kcal ?Monday: 1. 100 g of oatmeal pour one tablespoon of honey 2. To eat any fruit that contains fast carbohydrates, for example, one banana 3. 200 g of boiled chicken breast + large serving of vegetable salad (no mayonnaise and sour cream) 4. 150 g of cottage cheese with fat content […]

The eggplant in the oven with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms

?on 100gramm — 40.15 kcal?B/W/Y — 3.44/1.43/3.6? Ingredients: Eggplant — 2 PCs Tomatoes — 4 PCs Mushrooms — 200 gr Garlic — 7 g Cheese — 70 g Salt, pepper — to taste Preparation:

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