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Cabbage pie filler: a fine example of a dietary baking in a hurry!

?na 100gramm — 94.99 kkal?B / M / Y — 4.55 / 0.62 / 17.12? Ingredients: • low-fat yogurt 450 ml • wholegrain flour or oatmeal 320g • soda 1 hour. L.

Spring rainbow: colorful vegetables, baked with cheese

  zucchini 1 piece. potatoes 1 pc. onions (medium) 1 pc. olive oil 1 tbsp. l. parmesan 200g salt and pepper to taste

Dietary breakfast: 30 variants

Rich yet light breakfast diet — a pledge of energy and good mood for the whole day! It will allow you to hold out until lunch or dinner without breaking into harmful snacks. We offer 30 options for each day — you will no longer puzzle over what to cook for breakfast! 1. Two pieces […]

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