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Low CALORIE Oatmeal pancake with banana.

  INGREDIENTS Egg, 2 PCs Banana, 1 piece Oat flour, 3-4 tbsp. Cinnamon, to taste METHOD OF PREPARATION All the details described in my video (3:43 minutes)

Omelette steam

  Ingredients (2 servings) Eggs – 4 PCs. Milk – 100 ml Salt – 2-3 pinches Butter – 10 g How to cook an omelet steam: In a bowl break the raw eggs. Combine with milk, salt, whipped with a whisk. Strain through a sieve.

Roasted vegetables with Chile.

  INGREDIENTS fresh corn on the cob – 1 piece sweet pepper – 1 piece zucchini – 1 small broccoli 0.5 cabbages lemon – 1 PC. salt – to taste chili pepper – 1 PC. carrot – 1 PC. seasoning “Spicy chili” – 1 tsp. onion – 1 onion STEP-BY-STEP RECIPE

Vegetable diet is healthy, tasty and varied!

It has hundreds of advantages over other diets. First, there is no clear timetable and some strict framework. You can choose any vegetables at your discretion, eat them in raw, boiled, stewed, mix in salads or eat separately. Secondly, the body receives a lot of useful vitamins and minerals along with vegetables. The undoubted advantage […]

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