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Chocolate basket with strawberries and cream

    Ingredients: Chocolate black — 120 g Strawberry — 200 g Cream (33% fat) — 150 ml Sugar (strawberries — 50g; in cream — 50g) — 100 g Gelatin (instant, strawberries — 5g; in cream — 5g) — 10 g Cookie biscuit Preparation:


  Necessary ingredients: cottage cheese (creamy) – 150 g cocoa – 1 tbsp low-fat yogurt (natural) – 75 g banana – 50 g sweetener (optional) strawberry – 50 g Method of preparation:

A dessert of corn sticks with condensed milk.

    INGREDIENTS: corn sticks-120g. Butter-90g. Boiled condensed milk-150g. Peanut(seeds)-50g. Preparation:

The Queen Of Chocolates — Truffle

  They will melt in your mouth and in children and adults. The best is that, despite the fine taste of these sweets are available are very simple recipes of truffles, such as this one. Ingredients: 1 packet of biscuits (for example, «Selgas») 1 Bank of condensed milk with sugar 6 tablespoons cocoa grated chocolate […]

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