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Chocolate-cherry dessert

  I love fruit desserts. And now it’s time to share one of delicious. Cherry, chocolate…It’s delicious! 12 servings Ingredients: Cherry 300 g (frozen thaw and drain off liquid) Milk chocolate 150 g White chocolate 150 g Granulated sugar 120 g

Low-calorie, summer jelly!(weight loss)

  Top-sour cream and berries, low-strawberry puree (strawberry with a fork with sugar) and strawberry berries. Ingredients: 250gr sour cream (not greasy) Sugar (I used sucrose in sour cream 4 tablespoons, in puree 2 tablespoons) Berries: strawberries, raspberry bilberries, how much you like. Gelatine 2 bags of 20 gr

A recipe requires cream sundae?!

  No problem, write!📌 Ingredients: 2 eggs; 130 gr. sugar; vanilla pod (or 1 teaspoon extract); 350 gr of sour cream (the higher the fat content the better);

Turkish Delight

  Ingredients: ●3 Cup sugar, ●6 cups water ●3 cups of starch, ●1/2 Cup shelled nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, or any other, at your discretion), ●1/2 Cup powdered sugar.

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