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Chocolate mousse

  Sladostey deficit in our Time No in lyubom Select a store can tortы, and Konfety, and vsevozmozhnыe jelly Avto pobalovat sebja uhostyt zabezhavshyh and a cup of tea friends. But razv sravnyatsya mahazynnыe Fixing co vkusnyashkamy, pryhotovlennыmy umelыmy your pen? Of course, not. So something otstavlyaem aside doubts and beremsya pryhotovlenye domashneho for dessert. […]

Coffee dessert from wafers and cream

  Ingredients: 470 ml of creamy cream 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons instant coffee (powder) 450 g mascarpone at room temperature 255 grams of thin chocolate wafers Cocoa without sugar (optional)

Cake a Heavenly delight

  1. Biscuits «Baked milk» — 200 g 2. Water — 100 ml 3. Sugar powder — 80 gr 4. Cocoa — 2 tbsp. 5. Coconut — 80 g 6. Butter — 80 g Method of preparation

Ice cream with banana and cocoa

  Ingredients: Banana 6 PCs Cow milk 165 ml Cocoa 4 tbsp. Honey: 2 tbsp Vanilla to taste

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