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Coffee tiramisu without harm to the waist

  Ingredients: • Oat bran 150 g • Cheese 0% 300 g • 125 g of protein (the whites of 5 eggs) • Freshly brewed coffee 1 Cup • Baking powder 3 grams • Ground stevia — to taste Preparation:

Orange marmalade

  Is the name of a classic English marmalade, able to magically brighten up any morning. Ingredients: Oranges — 1 kg Apple juice (without pulp) — 650 ml Sugar — 600 g Preparation: 1. Oranges thoroughly wash and very finely cut into slices with peel. Remove bones and place in «bag» of several layers of […]

Panna cotta dietary

  PFC per 100 grams: 13/ 0.1/ 7 Kcal per 100g: 79 Ingredients: gelatin 1 tbs. milk 0,5% 100 ml curd 0% 400 gr cherry frozen 100 grams (or any other berries, fruits of your choice) honey 1 tbs.

Pudding with cheese in the microwave

    Delicious, tender and easy cottage cheese pudding – amazing in its simplicity and the benefits of dish. Ingredients: cheese 200g semolina 2G egg 2pcs sugar 2st.l. Vanilla sugar 10g raisins 100g

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