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Chocolate cottage cheese at home

  INGREDIENTS: curd 300 g chocolate dark-100 g butter 20 g powdered sugar 3-4 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tbsp Hard to think of a child who wouldn’t love the taste. But they are easy to make at home. And they will be much more useful, because there will be no preservatives, palm oil and other […]

CREAM-BANANIC DESSERT (low-calorie dish)

  Ingredients: ● Curd — 300 g ● Bananas — 5 pcs. ● Sour cream 150 g ● Eggs — 3 pieces. ● Sugar — 5 tbsp. L. ● Salt — pinch ● Flour — 3 tbsp. L. Preparation: 1. To begin with, you need to take 3 bananas, peel, turn into a puree in […]

Sweet and sour sauce with ginger and chili

  Ingredients: Fresh ginger — 2 cm Large hot pepper — 2 pieces (it is less acute than small) Chile’s small, very sharp 1 piece (optional) Garlic cloves — 5 PCs. Rice vinegar — 100 ml Sugar — 200 g Fine sea salt — 1-1,5 tsp. Starch — 1 tbsp


– creamy chocolate cream that is used for decorations of cakes and desserts. Depending on the taste preferences of the ganache can be made with dark, milk or white chocolate, with nuts, liquor or brandy. And we offer the most simple and classic recipe for which you will need: 400 g cream 400 g of […]

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