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Delicious dessert

  Ingredients: 500 gr. cottage cheese (a smooth consistency syrkovoy weight) 8 large cookies 250 ml of 30% cream 1 package of cream for thickening

Serradura dessert.

  One of the most simple and quick to prepare desserts. To cook it you need a minimum of ingredients and a minimum of time. Its name is translated from Portuguese as «chips.» It looks like sawdust on finely crushed cookies. Although not an appetizing name of the dessert turns out delicious)   You will […]

Chocolate Mousse With PRUNES

  Ingredients ~ Mucc: 350g — dark chocolate (70%), plus extra for decoration 100 ml — double cream 10 sht.- eggs 50 g — sugar Prunes: 500 g — prunes

raspberry ice cream

  Ingredients • 400g raspberries (fresh or frozen) • condensed milk 250 grams, • cream 350 ml   Recipe: For the preparation of tasty and healthy ice cream from the berries at home needed a blender and mixer. Instead of raspberries in this case can use other berries

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