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Baked apples with cottage cheese.

  Baked apples with cottage cheese is so basic a dish, what to cook them can even be a child or very far from cooking. Dessert this healthy and low fat, suitable for baby food after one year and the table diet. Ingredients: Apples — 6 PCs. Cottage cheese — 150 g Yolk of egg […]

—Cheese balls—

  Ingredients: Cottage cheese – 250 g Condensed milk – ¾ Cup A pinch of cardamom Beet juice – 1 teaspoon Butter – 2 teaspoons Preparation:


Quick, easy and very tasty! Children and adults will love! Ingredients: — 6 packages jelly different colors — Bank of condensed milk — 2 bags of gelatin Preparation: 1. Make colored Jell-o according to instructions on package. Put a few hours in the fridge. As soon as jelly freeze, cut them into cubes hot sharp […]

Easy cake with yogurt and fruit no-bake — colorful and low calorie recipe

  Ingredients Yogurt (fat and fillers taste, it is possible to use a mixture of different yogurts, such as simple and pineapple) — 500 g Instant gelatin — 25 g (1 sachet) Sugar — 4 tbsp or to taste (depends on sweetness of yogurt) Fruits, berries (in season, optional) — 200-300 g How to prepare: […]

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