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The chocolate brownie

  Ingredients: -Nuts (for me it is better to take hazelnuts or almonds) — 80-100 g -Dark chocolate — 200 g (chocolate do not take cheap!!! and I was not the bitter chocolate) -Butter — 250 g -Sugar — 250 g -Eggs — 4 PCs. -Flour — 125 g -Baking powder — 1/4 tsp

Chocolate tart with caramel and hazelnuts

  Ingredients for the basics: 160 g of wheat flour 30 g cocoa powder 60 g powdered sugar a pinch of salt 100 g butter (chilled) 1 egg

Raspberry Marshmallow

  Airy and delicate raspberry marshmallows are a natural and inexpensive treat. Easy acidity and a rich taste of berries will appeal to both adults and children! No raspberries? Nothing wrong. Take a frozen cherry, currant or even a berry mix, adding a little more sugar!


I want to show you how to cook jelly on the occasion. But not a simple jelly, and a secret that only adults will appreciate. We’ll add in dessert alcohol to add artomat and unusual taste. Description of preparation: The amount of alcohol can adjust according to your taste. If you don’t like vodka and […]

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