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The bird's milk with raspberry jelly

The bird’s milk with raspberry jelly Ingredients: whipped cream (chilled) 230 ml 1 packet gelatin 2 cups boiling water raspberry jelly (powder) 180 g of 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar cream 230ml

Chocolate cupcakes with coffee cream

Chocolate cupcakes with coffee cream For the dough: 1.5 cups of flour half a cup of sugar soda pinch 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of cocoa half a cup of water 1/3 cup vegetable oil bar of chocolate (dark or milk)

Delicate curd dessert

Delicate curd dessert (approximately 160-170 kcal / 100 g) 500 g of cottage cheese 2 eggs 1 pear or banana Some milk 1 marshmallow 1 tsp caster sugar

Taffy "Smear" (in melted milk)

Taffy «Smear» (in melted milk)

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