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Recipe for banana-raspberry sorbet

  Ingredients: Banana – 1 pc. Frozen berries Leaflets and fresh berries for decoration

Cottage cheese and banana cream

  Calories per 100g – 85kkal Composition: 200g cottage cheese 1.8% yogurt 1% 100g Banana 2 pieces (230g pulp)

Baked apples with cream cheese (Recipe for weight loss)

  Total 100 grams – 79.38 kcal: Belki- 32.22, -11.75 Fats, Carbs – 185.29 Baked apples with cream cheese as a basic dish that can prepare them for a child or even very far from the cooking man. Dessert this useful and low-calorie, suitable for baby food after one year and dietary table. You will […]


  INGREDIENTS: ● cocoa – 5st.l. ● butter – 50g. ● sugar – 6-8st.l. ● flour – 1ch.l. ● milk – 5st.l. ● vanilla sugar – 1 / 4ch.l. ● ground nuts or other nuts to taste and desired

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