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Cucumber sorbet with ricotta — originally delicious and dietetic!

For 4 servings: Ingredients Fresh cucumbers — 500 g Ricotta — 250 g Lemon — 1 pc. Mint for decoration — 2-3 sprigs Preparation:

Dessert with cottage cheese and raspberries

Dessert with cottage cheese and raspberries For 8 servings: Ingredients Butter — 150 g Cookies — 350 g Sugar — 6 tbsp. L. Curd cheese — 350 g Sour cream (fat content 40%) — 200 g

3 delicious breakfasts in 5 minutes

Sometimes we are so in a hurry from morning to work, that time for preparing breakfast does not remain. We have found a solution to this problem and offers you easy recipes for breakfast, which you will not spend much time. Curd and berry mousse You will need: 1 pack of cottage cheese 100 g […]

A collection of delicious desserts — Lovers of sweet

  FRUIT DESSERT Ingredients: Pear — 1 piece Tangerine — 1 pc

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